Trickster release on Youtube the second part of the interview "Life is crazy"
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Produced by Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams) and Richard Flack, released on Trickster Recordings through Absolute on Friday 19th May, ‘Still Kicking’ is the first of an eclectic mix of recordings that details the colourful life of Trickster.

Trickster raffles an Iphone 14 Pro Max every two weeks among his followers on Instagram.

No red tape. No regulations. Just support where and when it’s needed. Read about how Trickster is inspiring our artists of the future with support through the Trickster Label.

Trickster, a music industry pioneer, drops a melodic masterpiece, “Still Kicking,” that seamlessly fuses emotions and artistry in a Single.

In 2023, Trickster aims include supporting 1 million young people in planting 100 million trees and physically addressing all forms of social poverty: including hunger, childhood suffering, mental health, and restorative justice

Born in Austria and now residing in England, Trickster is a musician whose life story is as captivating as his music.

Focusing on Trickster’s new single release “Still Kicking”, out now and available to stream on all platforms.

Find out how The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra play an integral part in Trickster’s music releases.

Trickster is different, the mission begins with the premise that when we see need, we act on it. That action is in the moment, on the ground and at pace.

Mysterious vocalist behind new Christmas Song With the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra racks up 3.5m listens in the UK chart

Trickster and his supporters this week delivered thousands of pounds worth of food to 10 major food banks.

Become a master at Piano with this 30 min masterclass showcasing Trickster’s most important piano tips.