Silent night vs Santa Claus is coming to the town

Trickster, the Austrian singer and entrepreneur from Linz, releases his amped up and swinging mash-up of Christmas classics 'Silent Night vs Santa Claus Is Coming To Town' on Trickster Recordings through Absolute on 17 November 2023. Blending nostalgia and festive warmth, this is the Christmas cocktail you didn't know you needed: hold the egg nog. Trickster wants to bring joy to everyone's home! Trickster Filmed at the iconic Pinewood Studios, the home of James Bond, the video for the single is drenched in 1940s style vintage glamour, as some of the world's best dancers recreate the eye-popping festive energy of a New Orleans-style Christmas party. Created by a crew that has worked on Lord of the Rings, Mission Impossible, Independence Day and more, this Christmas blockbuster will in time be part of a full Christmas movie. Trickster's Christmas track is set to be the greatest soundtrack for the season. The song lands just before the John Woo film of the same name and, whilst Trickster's story is worthy of its own movie, let's focus on the music for now….

Trickster on musical keyboard

Hailing from Austria and now making his home in England, Trickster is more than just a musician – he’s a living testament to resilience, with a life story as captivating as the melodies he weaves. His journey from a fractured family and a turbulent childhood to global triumphs and trials is a narrative of unwavering determination and remarkable transformation.

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Trickster No time like the present…. Breaking the Silence with chart push


Trickster is the alias of Austrian singer and entrepreneur Juergen Pichler. His debut single ‘Still Kicking’ tells the story of his miraculous escape from a devastating car crash that turned his vehicle into a fireball. It was that incident that made him determined to realise his musical dreams. The single gained significant airplay and was a success in territories across the wold. He has worked with Producer Guy Chambers [Robbie Williams] and also Richard Flack [Joe Strummer, Florence and the Machine] to create his music. Silent Night’ vs ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ is released this year. The lavishly created ‘Silent Night’ vs ‘Santa Claus Is Coming To Town’ features the Grammy® Award-winning vocal group The Swingles, a stunning big band and string section arranged and orchestrated by the brilliant Callum Au [Quincy Jones, Michael Bublé]. Trickster has some pedigree with Christmas songs, having released ‘Praise Be It’s Christmas’ last year. Trickster’s songs have been created at the legendary Abbey Road, RAK and Angel Studios, as well as his own recording facility. Trickster has even worked with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to bring his visions to life. Trickster takes a trailblazing approach to his work, everything that he creates must break new ground, be fresh, original, state of the art. A fluid talent, creating across Rock, Pop, Swing and Electro, he works in the best spaces, with the best people, to bring his work to life in the optimum way. His debut album will be released in 2024.

Produced by Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams) and Richard Flack, released on Trickster Recordings through Absolute on Friday 19th May, ‘Still Kicking’ is the first of an eclectic mix of recordings that details the colourful life of Trickster.

Silent night vs Santa Claus is coming to the town says: Trickster Releases what should be the Xmas No 1 for 2023

Silent night vs Santa Claus is coming to the town says: Trickster Releases Blockbuster Video and Song Today In Race For Christmas No.1

Trickster raffles an Iphone 14 Pro Max every two weeks among his followers on Instagram.

No red tape. No regulations. Just support where and when it’s needed. Read about how Trickster is inspiring our artists of the future with support through the Trickster Label.

Trickster, a music industry pioneer, drops a melodic masterpiece, “Still Kicking,” that seamlessly fuses emotions and artistry in a Single.

In 2023, Trickster aims include supporting 1 million young people in planting 100 million trees and physically addressing all forms of social poverty: including hunger, childhood suffering, mental health, and restorative justice

Born in Austria and now residing in England, Trickster is a musician whose life story is as captivating as his music.

Focusing on Trickster’s new single release “Still Kicking”, out now and available to stream on all platforms.

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Trickster is different, the mission begins with the premise that when we see need, we act on it. That action is in the moment, on the ground and at pace.

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Trickster and his supporters this week delivered thousands of pounds worth of food to 10 major food banks.

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