Real change is no joke: What does it mean?

When you hear the name “Trickster”, what immediately comes to mind? A brilliant musical artist, a philanthropist, a polyglot, or perhaps an individual whose life story transcends the ordinary? The truth is, Trickster is all these things, and more. But above all, he is a man who genuinely believes that “real change is no joke”.

What does this slogan really mean, especially from Trickster’s perspective?

Born in Austria and now a resident of England, Trickster has always been someone who didn’t merely observe the world around him, he made a conscious decision to be a part of it and, more significantly, change it. From his challenging childhood days, facing rejection from music school, to his time in prison and a close brush with death, Trickster has learned and grown, becoming a testament to what real change can look like.

“Real Change is No Joke” is not just a slogan for Trickster, it is the philosophy that guides his life. When he talks about real change, he is referring to the actions we take, the attitudes we adopt, and the societal structures we challenge, all in the name of making a better world. His belief is that change should not be some abstract idea we speak about but never actualise; instead, it should be a tangible, concrete result of the initiatives we undertake to better the lives of others.

To Trickster, being agile in the face of need is an integral part of creating real change. He emphasises a hands-on approach, where action is taken immediately without being stifled by bureaucracy or red tape. This ideology has seen him donate nearly half of his income to charitable causes and offer unwavering support to individuals and communities who most need it.

But for Trickster, real change goes beyond individual acts of charity. It’s about altering our collective perspective, recognising that we are custodians of the earth, not its owners. This mindset inspires his dedication to combating climate change and advocating for sustainable practices that will ensure our planet thrives for future generations.

Moreover, Trickster’s vision of real change encompasses the mission to eradicate all forms of social poverty, including hunger, childhood suffering, mental health issues, and injustices. He strives to use cash, culture, and care to attain these goals, understanding that it is only through collective efforts that we can truly make a difference.

The slogan “Real Change is No Joke” is a rallying cry to everyone to look beyond their immediate circumstances and consider the wider world. It is a call to action, urging us all to do our part in making the world a better place. Whether it’s planting a tree, supporting a cause, or showing empathy to a stranger, each act counts.

“Real Change is No Joke” is an embodiment of Trickster’s life philosophy. His story is a testament to the power of resilience, determination, and empathy, traits that can spur us all towards meaningful change. It serves as a reminder that we are all part of this narrative of change and that our collective actions can indeed create a more compassionate, sustainable, and equitable world.

For Trickster, and hopefully for us all, real change is certainly no joke—it’s the goal that drives our every action.