Trickster releases single “Still Kicking”

Inspired by a perilous 2017 car accident in the south of France, which resulted in the loss of all his physical assets but saw him survive remarkably unscathed, the cinematic track draws on late-nineties alt-rock and Americana to convey his story.

‘I don’t know how, I don’t know why, there must be a reason why I didn’t die / I can’t pretend, it don’t make sense, somehow I’m still kicking it for one more night,’ he sings.

Produced by Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams), Richard Flack and Trickster, Still Kicking draws on late ’90s alternative rock, Americana and cinematic soundscapes to help paint the dramatic and life-changing event sonically. Perfect for alternative editorial playlists at DSPs and spins on 6 Music and Virgin, the song is also ripe for sync with gritty streaming TV shows.

With an album worth of material ready to go that draws on various genres, there is plenty more to come from this intriguing new artist.

Listen to Still Kicking by Trickster on all streaming platforms below.