Trickster Supports UK Biggest Food Bank Network in ‘Tsunami of Need’

The anonymous vocalist behind a new Christmas single in the running for Xmas No.1 has embarked upon the first stage of what is set to be a monumental charity outreach, by delivering to food banks across the UK.

Trickster and his supporters this week delivered thousands of pounds worth of food to 10 major food banks across London, as well as donations to 14 food banks nationally following in-depth conversations with Trussell Trust expressing their critical need for food supplies.

UK food price inflation has hit a new high of 12.4%, and the nation is experiencing alarming levels of food insecurity. Nationally, between April and September, more than 320,000 people used Trussell Trust food banks, and its primary source of food supplies – donations from the public – was failing to keep pace with rapidly increasing demand. With rising energy bills, record-level inflation and soaring food prices, The Trussell Trust is in what chief executive, Emma Revie, called a ‘tsunami of need’.

With a mantra that ‘Real Change Is No Joke’, Trickster’s mission is simple: when we see need, we act on it – on the ground and at pace. So, on Thursday 15th December, during one of the worst winters in decades, Trickster and his supporters donated 2000kg of food to banks across London and £10,000 in cash donations to further banks across the UK. Setting a record for the biggest ever single donation at the Lambeth food bank, with 715kg delivered in just one day, they overtook Tesco who, in second place, delivered 500kg in one week.

These efforts are the beginning of Trickster’s wider plan in 2023 to support 1 million young people in planting 100 million trees to combat climate change, as well as physically addressing all forms of social poverty: including hunger, childhood suffering, mental health, and restorative justice, through the use of cash, culture, and care.

This all follows the release of the playful and sweary recent Christmas song ‘Thank Fuck It’s Christmas’, with its message that is a cathartic exhale for our times, and lyrics prodding the powerful including the government and ‘smooth-faced billionaires’.

The song was written by legendary hitmaker Guy Chambers, along with the comedian Steve Furst and Trickster, and performed alongside the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. The clean version of the track, ‘Praise Be to Christmas’ has racked up millions of views on YouTube alone.